06/05/2011 14:29 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Video: Eva Mendes And Naomi Watts Are The Latest Stars Of Pantene

Eva Mendes, Naomi Watts Eva Mendes and Naomi Watts star in the latest Pantene campaign. Photos courtesy of Pantene.

Pantene have announced that two of Hollywood's most glamorous leading ladies will be fronting their advertising campaign this summer.

Naomi Watts are the brand's latest celebrity ambassadors, with Mendes taking on the role as the face of the Pantene Breakage to Strength collection.

Watts is on hand to promote natural, healthy and undone hair, something which she has become more accustomed to off the red carpet. Speaking about her new role, Watts said, "Since I became a mother, the time I have for myself has shrunk dramatically. Also, I have never been able to do my own hair. So I am thrilled with Pantene because the quality of the products helps me get the volume I want with very little effort at all."

Naomi's not the only fan of hairstyling products that require little effort! Take a look at the videos below for a sneak peek at the actresses doing their thing for Pantene.