13/05/2011 14:01 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby Born With Three Legs

Three legged baby Barcroft Media

A baby has been born with three legs.

Details are vague but a doctor at the hospital in China, where he has been transferred for potential future surgery, reportedly said: ''There is a limb on the left buttock, the end of the limb looks like a foot, the skin is normal, it also has a bone. It is an intact limb."

Dr Yu Gang continued:"This kind of congenital multilimb malformation is very rare in China. Surgery is not going to be easy."

The baby boy was born on May 5 in a hospital in a hospital in Qingyuan. He was immediately transferred to the larger Guangdong Women and Children's Hospital in Ghangzhou.

This photograph shows the baby at six days old.

We hope that surgery is successful and he goes on to enjoy a happy and healthy life.