20/05/2011 10:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Diary Of A Working Mum - May

Spring has sprung...into my hairdresser Christian Vermaak's scissors!!! His phone has been ringing off the hook after photos of my new do were published in a newspaper and everyone's asking him what inspired the cut.

It turns out we'd both been thinking about a bit of a change for a while, but both of us were too scared to say anything in case the other wasn't keen on the idea.

We were laughing, chatting and catching up at a shoot a week ago and we both blurted the idea out at the same time. It always seems to happen that way. Christian loves creating new looks so he didn't waste any time whipping out his scissors and, before we could change our minds, voila!

Dannii Minogue sporting her now 'do! Photo: Splash

With a new chop I needed a lesson from Christian on how to style it myself. Mousse, hair powder, tongs, spray and I'm ready to go. You might think short hair is less versatile, but watch this space...All I need to do now is to get it down to a fine and fast art so I can manage it, and Ethan, at the same time.

Speaking of Ethan, he seems to have a new trick up his sleeve every day at the moment. I don't know where he has got it from, but I'm sure he winked at me the other day! It might have been a fluke but new mums do get overexcited about any little thing their babies do so I'm claiming it. Next I have to teach him how to raise his eyebrow in the Minogue family tradition!

Ethan's going to have a new little BFF in about six month's time with Tabs announcing she is pregnant this week. Cue (another) wave of Twitter and Facebook posts suggesting Project D designs maternity and baby clothing collections. We love all the suggestions and requests we receive. The 'to do' list grows...

Tabs and I hosted Project D's Autumn/Winter 2011 press day this week and we were in girly heaven catching up with all our favourite fashion and style editors. Glamour, Vogue, Women's Wear Daily, Sunday Times Style and Time Out Style were among the titles in attendance. It was all go, but we had cupcakes and lots of cups of tea to fuel us so the time flew and we were rapt that our dresses got such an enthusiastic reception.

I'm hoping my new book My Style will be equally well received when it hits bookstores later this year. We've now done two days of photo shoots for the book and I was so excited about some of the pictures that I got them to print me copies then and there so I can take them to show everyone when I get home to Melbourne next week.

Ugh, I've got so much to pack before I wing my way back Down Under for Australia's Got Talent live shows, but before I get on with it I just want to say another big thank you for all your sweet messages and support following my X Factor announcement. They mean the world.

Gotta dash, I've got a plane to catch! Dx

You can check out behind the scenes pics of Christian at work on Dannii's hair in our gallery below!