31/05/2011 10:24 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Couple Shed FIFTY STONE To Stop Their Kids Being Bullied

Couple shed FIFTY STONE to stop their kids being bullied Rex

When Kerrie and Paul Kew's son started getting bullied about their combined 50-stone bulk, they knew the time had come to get fit.

The couple - who chowed daily on family-sized packs of crisps, junk food and full English breakfasts - were devastated when eight-year-old Harrison was targeted by bullies because of their size.

His mum Kerrie, 41, told the Mirror: 'One of the other boys had told Harrison we should be called the 'fat family', not the Kew family. He was really upset. We knew the children were getting bullied because of how fat we were.'

Before embarking on their weight-loss regime, Kerrie weighed in at a shocking 22st 4lb, whilst husband Paul, 41, was a whopping 25 stone.

The Kew's opted for gastric bypass surgery to reduce their stomach's capacity for food, and now, two years on, have shed 21 stone between with, with Karen tipping the scales at 11st 4lbs, and Paul at 15st 10lbs.

A delighted Kerrie said 'Our children (Harrison, now ten, and Hannah, six) were suffering because of us – what bigger motivation did we need to lose weight? Our lives have been totally transformed. We feel absolutely fantastic. Now we can take the children to the park and join in their games. And, best of all, they aren't teased at school.'

Haven't they done well? But do you think gastric bands are really the answer to tackling obesity? Or should it come down to healthy eating and exercise?