15/06/2011 09:00 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Triplet Sisters Give Birth To Boys Within Days Of Each Other

Triplet sisters give birth to boys within days of each other Getty

A set of triplets have given birth to baby boys within two weeks of each other!

The Calladine sisters, who are 26, fell pregnant within 10 days of each other last year. They then went on to deliver their babies just weeks apart, with two of the sisters giving birth on April 17, with the remaining sister delivering her little boy just two weeks later.

Natalie, Lindsey and Deborah - who grew up on the Isle of Man but now live in Sydney - live within 15 minutes of each other and chat on the phone three times a day.

When they arrived in 1984 they were the first triplets to be born on the island for 25 years.

Their parents Rob and Dorothy said they were not surprised by their daughters falling pregnant at the same time. Their dad told reporters: 'At Christmas time they would buy us Christmas cards, exactly the same, and they would never have even discussed which one they were going to buy, it would just be the same one.'

Renowned baby photographer Anne Geddes was said to be so taken with the new babies that she used them for a new series she is working on, telling Channel 7's Today Tonight show: 'What I'm doing with these pregnant women is all of them are themed to an element of nature, the three girls are actually a eucalyptus bud, which I thought was lovely. Triplets, and identical triplets... it was too hard for me to pass up.'

What a lovely story - wonder how alike the new babies will look?