Why Collagen Injections For Feet Never Took Off

Why Collagen Injections For Feet Never Took Off

About three years ago the beauty industry crowbarred the idea of cosmetic fillers being somehow beneficial for the feet of high heel aficionados into our collective consciousness.

The idea was that injecting fillers such as collagen directly into the balls of the feet would remove the need to wear cushioning products such as gel pads in your shoes.

A Daily Mail article from 2009 announced that use of collagen feet fillers was on the rise - apparently the temptation of pain-free heel wearing was proving too much to resist. And yet, two years down the line, I'm on a heck of a lot of beauty PR lists and foot-focused cosmetic surgery hasn't been mentioned once - not even during the Christmas party season cited by the Daily Mail article as the time which saw the most interest.


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