The health issue causes hidden distress for many, where even the simplest tasks can feel painful.
Do you wake up with sharp pains in your heel? Here's why – and what you can do about it.
This must never happen again.  Forget snakes, ‘Feet on a Plane’ is the new real-life horror story the internet’s both obsessed
Certain newspapers are running stories about the Duchess of Cambridge's feet, on display during her tour of India. One has even gone so far as to describe them as: "Corns, clawed toes, bunions and fallen arches."
Let's face it, ingrown toenails are gross, but most of us will have to deal with one at some point or another. People in
Central heating takes moisture out from the air; try leaving a dish of water near your radiators which will act as a humidifier to help replace the moisture that's lost - you can also add a few drops of aromatherapy oil to fragrance your room.
Body Modification is a process whereby people undergo some pretty extreme modifications to their bodies such as horn shaped implants to the forehead and multiple piercings to various parts of the body including genitalia and orifices.
Flashing your toes in a pair of sandals could reveal more about you than just your favourite nail varnish colour. Yes, according
Trade unionists are set to consider stepping up their campaign efforts in a bid to save the health of British people's feet
Do you actually know anyone who likes toe-sucking? No, we thought not. Yet over the years, most women have experienced at
The first case of foot orgasm syndrome, with a woman reaching spontaneous climax from inside the foot, has been documented
Which genius came up with the idea of mankles? The trend of wearing shoes without socks, which started a couple of years
Recently at a Fashion Week presentation, a bare-footed Katie Holmes urged fashion editors to take their shoes off, saying that her own feet hurt. The response of the fashion world was one of outrage and disgust but I salute her for giving her feet a well-deserved rest.
Looking through pictures from Paris Fashion Week we have been both amused and concerned that Rachel Zoe seems to have misplaced
If you're the proud owner of a pair of size 5 feet, you're in luck if you're looking to pull a member of the opposite sex
About three years ago the beauty industry crowbarred the idea of cosmetic fillers being somehow beneficial for the feet of