Newspaper Watchdog To Launch Review Of Press Industry

Press Complaints Commission Admits It Has To Do Something On Hacking

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Newspaper watchdog the Press Complaints Commission has announced that it will launch a review of "all aspects of press regulation" in the wake of the latest News of the World phone hacking allegations.

The commission, composed of "editorial" figures such as newspaper editors and "public" members drawn from different areas of public life, said it accepts it has a responsibility to ensure "events of this sort" never happen again.

It said in a statement: "To that end, (the PCC) agreed that public members of the commission will lead a review of all aspects of press regulation in its current form, which will be designed to ensure that public confidence is enhanced.

"The Commission will wish to review its own constitution and funding arrangements, the range of sanctions available to it and its practical independence."

Editorial members of the commission will also be involved in the review but the public members will set the agenda, a spokesman added.

PCC chairman Baroness Buscombe, a public member, said the status quo is "clearly not an option".

She added: "The PCC is determined to identify necessary reforms that will guarantee public confidence in press regulation.

"There is currently a major police investigation, which has the necessary powers of investigation and resources to identify the perpetrators of these criminal acts.

"However, the Commission is determined to play its part in bringing to a conclusion this shocking chapter, which has stained British journalism, and to ensure that good comes out of it."


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