07/07/2011 10:16 BST | Updated 06/09/2011 06:12 BST

Peter Bone's Wife Does Not Have Twitter, MP Tells Commons

Amidst the furore around hacking, a case of mistaken identity. Voice of the nation Mrs Jennie Bone (and running joke in the House of Commons) has an online imposter.

Sadly the twitter @mrsjenniebone is "completely bogus" and not the woman who the Prime Minister recently pledged to give pleasure to.

Jennie's husband, Peter Bone MP broke the news to the Commons, telling Sir George Young that whilst quite amusing (sample tweet "Preparing stuffed marrow for dinner #bestofbritish") the account could at any moment say something "racist", asking the Speaker if the Commons could debate identity theft.

The revelation prompted Sir George Young to make a reference to the Speaker's wife, Sally, whose "nasty" tweets about the Conservatives have prompted criticism from many - well, Rod Liddle...

"Mr Speaker, you may not tweet but I believe you may know somebody who does."

The Speaker's wife answered, as always, with a tweet, writing: "who knew Sir George was so with it."