John Yates Appears Defiant Before MPs Over Phone Hacking Inquiry

Yates: Actions Of News International Were Not My Responsibility

John Yates' evidence to MPs over his investigation into phone hacking was "unconvincing", the Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee has said.

"Your evidence today is unconvincing and there are more questions to be asked", Keith Vaz told Yates on Tuesday.

Yates attempted to shift the blame for an inquiry he conducted into phone hacking two years ago, telling MPs News International did not cooperate.

"Had I known in July 2009 what I know now I would have made different decisions.

"I can assure you all that I have never lied ... I also reiterate that it is a matter of great concern that the News of the World appears to have failed to co-operate."

"I express regret we didn't do enough. I hold my hands up, I passionately believe in doing the right thing. Please do not take that as an admission that i accept responsibility for what News International have not done .... I am not accepting responsiblity for the actions of News International.

In a defiant appearance before the Home Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday he:

  • Attempted to shift the blame onto News of The World for not co-operating with the inquiry;
  • He admitted he had not taken fresh legal advice when he reconsidered the case in 2009;
  • Said he was 99 per cent sure he had been a victim of phone hacking during the period 2005-06
  • Denied he had deliberately misled MPs
  • And denied he had been threatened by News International.

MPs pressured Yates over police "incompetence". MP Bridget Phillipson asked the police chief if he found it surprising that those being investigated did not co-operate with the police investigation.

Chairman Keith Vaz said his fellow committee member Lorraine Fulbrook was "astounded" by the incompetence of Yates.

Yates said it was "a matter of great concern" that the News of the World "appears" to have not cooperated with police and claimed they had only "recently" provided certain evidence.

He responded to questions about why he didn't have access to all the evidence at the time: "I accept some of that responsibility, only in part," he said.

"I categorically state that was not the case to each and everyone of you ... It is untrue and it can be proved to be untrue."

He added that he believed he was a victim of hacking.

"It has been suggested to me [that I was hacked]... I am 99 per cent certain my phone was hacked during the period of actually 2005-06"



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