Phone Hacking

The businesswoman and campaigner has settled her case for a "substantial" sum.
Open letter to PM and all MPs published on HuffPost UK
Former footballers Dwight Yorke and Andrew Cole also received pay outs.
Actor and comedian Steve Coogan has received damages and an apology from Mirror Group Newspapers over phone-hacking.  The
As leaked nudes continue to go viral, and the government gears up to listen to your phone calls and read your emails, remember: it's impossible to hack a piece of paper.
It is over five years since David Cameron stood at the despatch box and announced the Leveson inquiry would begin... Today Secretary of State Karen Bradley announced that the Government is delaying Part Two of the Leveson Inquiry yet again.
However, our constantly connected culture brings great risks, such as identity fraud, harassment and theft. Beyond a handful of pictures, emojis and light-hearted messages, we have very little knowledge of a person's true intentions or motives when they are positioned behind a social media account or dating profile.