Four Generations Of Doctor Who Daleks Invade Westminster Bridge

PHOTOS: Doctor Who Daleks Take Over London

Daleks were axed from the hit BBC1 show Doctor Who last month after 48 years, but that hasn't stopped them coming back to scare us one last time.

Four generations of Daleks invaded London's Westminster Bridge today, as they relived a classic Doctor Who story, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, as part of The Doctor Who Experience, a London-based exhibition.

Despite their power to send children running behind the sofa, we may just have to come to terms with the fact Daleks have been finally put out to screen-villain pasture by the show's writer Steven Moffat, in favour of a new kind of 21st century baddie, for example, the Weeping Angels who strangles any passer-by who dares to blink.

But, in the meantime, we can savour what may be one last Dalek invasion, with a walk down memory lane alongside our exterminating friends and their unlikely companions...

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