Tom Baker

Tom Baker has revealed that he would consider returning to ‘Doctor Who’, admitting that if the show's creators wrote an interesting
We know that 'Doctor Who' can inspire a little bit more than the average fan-ship. But the uber-talented Chang Dai has gone
'Doctor Who' has been known to have different actors playing the Time Lord, but now it's gone one step further and The Doctor
Doctor Who has travelled in time to a whole new TV generation, with 56% of viewers live tweeting about the 'Day of the Doctor
With Doctor Who celebrating its 50th birthday, I decided the only way to watch the celebratory Day of the Doctor was to take myself off to the cinema to watch it in 3D with three similarly-obsessed female chums (thank you Charli for booking the tickets). And wow, it was good. Amazing in fact.
Tom Baker has confirmed he WILL appear in the 50th anniversary episode of 'Doctor Who'. The actor - who played the fourth
The latest names to join in the celebrations for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary have been announced, with another Time Lord
I've got a list of stuff I'd like to see for the 50th anniversary. Of course I have; I'm a fan, and have been since I was a kid. I've also probably got my hopes up way too high.
The BBC wanted to bring back 'Doctor Who' with a familiar face - Tom Baker - according to reports. Russell T Davies revived
Let's do the Time Lord again - plans to reunite all the actors who have played Doctor Who are under consideration to mark