Get Your Family Fit This Summer With Off-Ice Skating

Get Your Family Fit This Summer With Off-Ice Skating

With the long summer holidays upon us, there's a new craze guaranteed to keep your children occupied and active through the school break.

Off-ice skating is a new sport that lets you enjoy the excitement and fitness benefits of ice skating, without having to traipse to an ice rink.

Celebs and professionals from Dancing On Ice, including winners Sam Atwater and Hayley Tamaddon have all been having a go, and singing the sport's praises.

It works like normal ice skating, but while the unique skates used mimic traditional ice skate blades, you can do all the smooth moves usually reserved for on-ice skating without any of the fuss of finding a proper rink, and paying each time you visit.

If you fancy having a go at this new craze, head down to the fountains near Lancaster Gate tube station in Hyde Park on Saturday 30th July from 11am to 1pm for a free taster session!

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