Do The 2 Minute Rinse - Save Water (And Time) With Your Morning Shower

Do The 2 Minute Rinse - Save Water (And Time) With Your Morning Shower

As fans of eco-friendly stuff that's easy to do, we were intrigued by Soap & Glory's 2 Minute Rinse initiative which aims to save water by cutting your shower time down to just 120 seconds.

Is that actually possible?

Maybe not on the days when the water refuses point blank to heat up for five minutes (although if that's the case you should probably investigate your boiler) or when you've just returned from Glastonbury caked in half a field's worth of mud but, generally speaking, it should be pretty simple.

Alex, Soap & Glory's in-house 2 Minute Rinse expert, has broken the procedure down into a five step plan. Just follow the instructions below and find out how you could make a difference:

  1. 40 seconds of running water to warm up and get 'all over watered' then turn the tap off
  2. Scrub on a handful of shampoo for your hair and shower gel for your body
  3. Rinse for 40 seconds then tap off again
  4. Massage in some hair conditioner (if you use it) and scrub your feet with a brush
  5. Rinse for 40 seconds and turn the tap off (make sure it's properly off - it's probably not so virtuous if you end your good deed by leaving the tap dripping all day!)

All that's left to do is towel off and get dressed.

The shampoo and shower gel step might add a few seconds to proceedings but if you switch to using a leave-in conditioner and do your feet with the first lot of rinsing you can dispense with the second lot of rinsing and hop out of the shower after around 80 seconds.

If you do give it a go, you can let Soap & Glory know how it went over on their Facebook page:

Image courtesy of Soap & Glory


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