21/07/2011 08:24 BST | Updated 20/09/2011 06:12 BST

VIDEO: Daniel Craig, Wife Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts Star In Creepy Thriller Dream House - Watch Trailer Here

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz may be famously reticent about sharing any aspects of their highly-charged secret romance - culminating in a small wedding ceremony in New York recently, attended only by four witnesses including their two children - but unfortunately for the elusive pair, the circumstances of their meeting and falling for one another have been caught in technicolour, celluloid glory, in the forthcoming Dream House.

It was during last year's Canadian shoot of the creepy thriller, which from first look appears to explore similar territory to The Others, Shutter Island, Sixth Sense or even The Shining, that the two stars embarked on a romance, while both were involved with others.

Now, just as fans of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or just affairs in general of the Hollywood heart have had a field day since 2004, reviewing Mr and Mrs Smith and wondering at which point in the lusty proceedings Jennifer Aniston was kicked to the kerb, now there are fresh pickings for spectators to watch and wonder at which point the camera stopped rolling, but the kisses continued. Check out the chemistry of the Dream House co-stars below in our trailer.

One thing's for sure - Dream House accountants won't be complaining that their lead actors' chemistry spilled into real life, with history showing that this can do wonders for a box office return.

Just ask the bosses of Days of Thunder, when the freshly revealed Cruise-Kidman dynamic meant extra love scenes got written into the plot. Or Cameron Crowe, who watched Tom Cruise (again) and Penelope Cruz "falling in love before my very eyes" on the set of Vanilla Sky. Or the execs at the helm of Wall Street 2 (LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan), Thornbirds (Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward). The list goes on, and on... but then, don't most people meet their partner at the office?

Of course, there is the exception that proves every rule. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were so engrossed with each other on the set of Cleopatra that what could have been on-screen dynamite was somewhat negated. The lovestruck pair all but forgot to turn up for actual filming - and this distraction, along with an almighty number of other production obstacles, ended up putting the whole epic firmly in the red.

So who knows how Dream House will fare at the box office, whether these off-screen shenanigans will help or hinder? And of course, all this speculation detracts from the fact that they, and every other hard-toiling professional on the production, have worked their chops off for the best part of a year to bring us a high-quality cinematic offering. You never know, with the talents of Craig, Weisz and gooseberry Naomi Watts at the helm, it might even, quite incidentally, be a fairly good film.