25/07/2011 03:45 BST | Updated 23/09/2011 06:12 BST

MPs: Energy Companies Should Take Responsibility For Mis-Selling To Customers

MPs have slapped down the 'big six' energy groups and other companies who sell doorstep deals in a new report.

The Energy and Climate Change Committee said it was time to deal for businesses who push consumers into switching to more expensive packages to take responsibility.

Chairman Tim Yeo said he had found many consumers end up switching to a new provider even more expensive than the previous one.

"We're talking about the big six suppliers of energy and gas who dominate the market.", he said.

"I think there are cases when the sales force are aware what they're offering customers is more expensive that the alternative... We believe that there are certainly cases where people have felt they've been deceived", the Conservative MP told the BBC.

Yeo said the area was complicated and it was time for the industry to show responsibility, warning that if energy companies do not the law may have to be changed.

"I think anyone who's tried to do this knows it's a very complicated area and I think there's a real responsibility on the companies not to employ a sales force, to pay them through large amounts of commission, knowing that there's a risk that vulnerable consumers particularly may be misled into buying electricity or gas event more expensive than they should".