gas prices

Gas is now approximately four times more expensive than it was in January.
The late-night host found something sad in Trump's latest blog statement.
Millions of people across the country are feeling powerless with stupidly high bills, appalling customer service and complicated tariffs. However, this new campaign puts the ordinary consumer back in the driving seat.
Rising tensions over Russia's standoff with Ukraine has sent a shock wave through global stock markets and seen gas prices
Ed Miliband switched his energy supplier to one of the "minnows" challenging the Big Six providers after being stung by a
The obvious and humane alternative to our current situation is the replace the Royal family with dogs. Their Royal Doginess could be lead from community group to building site and the British public would go wild; imagine a head of state that you could pat.
The knives are out for the energy companies in the press and political spheres alike, with public outrage increasing with every new revelation aired. But their anger is not directed solely at the likes of BP and Shell, but also at the lax regulatory environment which has allowed such alleged abuses to flourish for years.
Damage limitation was the order of the day at Centrica on Monday, but the British Gas parent parent company knows its public image has been hammered once again on the back of its latest trading update.
As whistleblowing charity Public Concern At Work (PCAW) describe it, a "culture of silence" continues to reign in workplaces across Britain, despite years of promises from politicians to improve protection and support for those bringing their concerns to light.
The heat is on energy companies now more than ever, with public anger stoked by near-weekly revelations of egregious behaviour by Big Six firms and their peers. Tuesday's Energy and Climate Change committee grilling of power providers was an eye-opening spectacle.