27/07/2011 07:18 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

McDonald's Bows To Pressure And Adds Fruit To Happy Meals In The US

McDoanlds bows to pressure and will add fruit to Happy Meals in the US PA

McDonald's Happy Meals will be served with a portion of fruit in the US from next year, after the company bowed to pressure from health campaigners.

Each of the US's 14,000 outlets will revamp their Happy Meals and provide fruit or veg alongside the burgers and chicken nuggets from next April. They will also slim down the size of the serving of fries in an apparent attempt lesson the guilt faced by parents for feeding their kids at a fast food joint.

The UK is likely to follow suit if the US changes prove successful.

The company said that in the past it tried offering a fruit or vegetable instead of fries, but customers did not like it.

Now, slices of apple or carrots, raisins, pineapple or pieces of orange will be offered alongside the Happy Meal, which comprises either a burgers or chicken nuggets with chips, a fizzy drink and toy.

McDonald's says the changes to the menu will lead to a 20 per cent decrease in the meal's calories, a 15 per cent decrease in sodium, and a 20 per cent reduction in saturated fat.

Despite this, Happy Meals are still a worryingly unhealthy meal with scientists from Yale University finding they contain 700 calories and 755mg of sodium per meal - around half the 1200 calories needed by a five-year-old each day.

What do you think? Should the UK follow suit?
Or should a Happy Meal just be an occasional treat when fat and calories do not matter?