02/08/2011 13:33 BST | Updated 02/10/2011 06:12 BST

More Dead In Syria As Assad's Troops Continue To Barrage Hama

More people have reportedly been killed in Hama as troops of President Bashar al-Assad lay siege to the city for the third day. According to Channel 4, six protestors were also been killed in the Damascus suburb of Erbin.

The shelling of the city, which started on Sunday, is believed to have claimed more than 160 lives in total.

According to the BBC, Syrian forces are currently pushing to the centre of the beleaguered city with more casualties expected.

The fighting has drawn mounting international criticism of the regime with several members of the European Union pushing the United Nations to extend sanctions against the Syrian authorities.

At a United Nations meeting on Monday night, Germany, France, Great Britain and Portugal circulated a draft resolution pushing for condemnation.

Russia opposed the move suggesting it was a pretext to "military intervention”, however the Russian position may be softening. Today, the country's Foreign Ministry announced that it would not oppose a U.N resolution to condemn the violence in Syria.