04/08/2011 07:58 BST | Updated 04/10/2011 06:12 BST

Glove Puppet Apologises To Veteran Magician... But Not A Lot

Veteran TV magician and entertainer Paul Daniels has found himself unexpectedly trending on twitter today after news emerged of him being "attacked" by children's puppet star Sooty. The magician was injured and required minor medical treatment after being struck in the face by a pizza thrown by the 62-year-old glove puppet.

After learning of his sudden online popularity, Daniels sought to reassure fans, tweeting: "That Sooty accident was AGES ago and I am well, happy, and raring to start the Ed Fringe this afternoon"

Daniels was filming a scene for the latest series of ITV's 'The Sooty Show' when the pizza projectile hit him harder than expected on the head. The magician admitted that he required medical treatment following the attack, but played down the seriousness of his injuries

I wasn't hospitalised by Sooty, there was a slapstick scene, I got pizza in my eye.

It stung so on the way home that evening I called into a local wonderful village hospital.

A nurse said, 'Oh no that's all right'...

That was it it was all over, she put a little drop in my eye, it did sting for about a minute, and then gone.

Puppet master Richard Cadell apologised on Sooty's behalf, saying "Sooty's very sorry for what happened. He never intended to knock Paul out, but he hopes Paul enjoyed the pizza."

Sweep who witnessed the incident, was unavailable for comment.