Plus six affordable alternatives if you miss out on Aldi's smoking hot deal.
We round up all the DIY pizza-making essentials you'll knead to get in on a slice of the action.
400° Pizzeria’s Sam Corban is getting through lockdown one slice at a time – all with the help and support of his local community.
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Ben Berman had leftover dough from what was supposed to be a gathering of friends. But with the pandemic raging, the party was cancelled and he started making pizza to give away instead. Now he’s made countless pizzas and lowered them to people on the street below - all he asks is that they consider donating to a chosen hunger relief charity.
Think of it like the Neapolitan equivalent of the British fish fingers, chips, and baked beans supper.
A 19-year-old from London is helping to raise the spirits of vulnerable people affected by the coronavirus outbreak by dishing out arguably the most delicious food of all – pizza. Alfie Fletcher, along with his sister Amber and girlfriend Allegra Della Ragione, decided to offer free homemade Neapolitan pizzas to homeless people and frontline workers. Called Pandemic Pizza and served from the back of his Land Rover Fletcher says he will continue to donate his wood-fired snacks until the money he has raised runs out.
John Schnatter harshly criticised what's become of the company he founded in 1984, and people couldn't help but notice he seemed sweaty.