Fans Disgusted By Gordon Ramsay’s Bizarre Choice In Pizza Toppings

I am very upset by this tbh.
Bravo via Getty Images

At the best of times, pizza toppings can be a controversial topic. Culturally, we have been debating the merits of putting pineapple on pizza for as long as we have been doing it, and a seafood pizza is always bound to get a grimace or two in a crowded room.

However, during a trip to Wales, Gordon Ramsay took it one step further.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel earlier this month, the Michelin star chef, in what can only be described as an insult to cuisine, topped a pizza with a full English breakfast.


So... what exactly is Gordon Ramsay’s breakfast pizza?

To start out, Gordon made the base from a basic marinara sauce, some tabasco, a touch of vodka and some Lea and Perrins and, uh, baked beans.

He explained: “We’ve got this Bloody Mary base with beautiful baked beans through the centre” before adding a touch of seaweed.

Each to their own, I guess?!

He then added Welsh sausage, black pudding, pancetta, mushrooms and an egg yolk.

While those sound not-too-offensive, I have to agree with the commenter that said: “You lost me with the beans bro.”

All of this being said... did it work!? Well, it certainly cooked.

The chef took his concoction out of the oven and topped it with Welsh Black Bomber cheese and fresh basil leaves.

While Gordon and his team seemed to enjoy their slices, the commenters weren’t convinced, even after Gordon said: “I think we’re onto something here.”

“Beans on a pizza?!”

Viewers on YouTube were pretty unanimous in their horror towards this dish.

One commenter said: “As a fan of both Italian cuisine and British cuisine I am horrified.”

Another added: “I understand beans are part of an English Breakfast but beans on a pizza?!?!”

One comment summed up my feelings perfectly, though: “Imagine if this was served to him on a show 10 years ago? You’d be able to power a small country for a year with the steam from his ears.”

Well, quite!