Nab All This Homemade Pizza Kit And You'll Never Want Takeaway Again

We round up all the DIY pizza-making essentials you'll knead to get in on a slice of the action.
The secret to great pizza is great kit – and we've found it for you.
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The secret to great pizza is great kit – and we've found it for you.

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There’s never a bad time for pizza. Whether you want to elevate a Netflix night in, impress your partner with some serious dough, or get the kids involved in making their own lunch or dinner, pizza at home (almost) always delivers.

Sure, it takes time, effort and patience to get DIY pizza-making right. It’s an art form that even the most seasoned chefs work hard to perfect. But, the trick to successful pizza is actually rather simple: invest in the right equipment, some top quality ingredients, and a good recipe. And choose your own toppings.

Of course, there’s always the option of making pizza at home easier with pre-made kits, sauces, and bases, which offer a quick fix when you’re craving a slice but don’t fancy spending hours kneading your dough. Choose the right kits and you’ll never know they weren’t homemade.

Wondering how to craft that crisp, golden crust, herby (yet fresh) tomato sauce, and build a pizza topped with the most delectable flavours? Here’s our guide to everything you need to mix, bake, slice, and top the most incredible DIY pizza.

This portable pizza oven
While you can bake amazing pizzas in a normal oven, a dedicated pizza oven is a great buy. The Roccobox portable oven is simple to use, nicely portable, and designed with proper pizza-making in mind. An oven like this guarantees years of incredible pizzas.
The right recipe book
Franco Manca went from Brixton Market to national chain in no time – and for good reason. Now you can try their formular at home. Naples-born owner Giuseppe Mascoli takes you every recipes simply (including his famous, slow-rise sourdough base) so whether you cook in a pizza or regular oven, you can still get amazing results.
The most authentic pizza sauce
You can opt to make your pizza sauce from scratch, but if time is limited (or you don't fancy going DIY) this ready-to-use sauce combines the best Italian tomatoes with just the right amount of basil and oregano. This is my go-to for homemade pizza and you really wouldn't know it came out of a tin!
Precision cooking scales
As with all baking, pizza-making is about precision. Using a scale gives you exact control over your measures. A digital scale like this one from Salter is ideal for measuring out all your ingredients for the perfect pizza base.
Wendergo Dough Scraper Cutter & Stainless Steel Dough Scraper
A scraper is another must-have for pizza-makers (and bread bakers). Opt for a pack of two shapes – like these ones – for shaping and scraping your dough, transferring ingredients between bowl and board, and cleaning up your work station.
Swap stone for steel
It’s a secret of the pizza trade but most of the pros skip using pizza stones and cook their pizzas on baking steel instead. These plates retain heat more effectively and keep it consistent across the base for a more evenly baked pizza. Now you know.
A foldable pizza paddle
A pizza peel is another essential item for DIY pizzas, whether you make yours on the peel or transfer it after it’s ready. To prevent the dough sticking, make sure to dust it with flour. This foldable peel is a great option if you're low on kitchen storage.
This professional pizza stone for oven-baking pizzas
If you prefer to use a pizza stone rather than a steel cooking plate, this professional-grade stone is a cool and stylish option, fitting even the largest of pizza creations.
A pair of pizza scissors
Yes, they're a thing. Made of food-grade stainless steel, these pizza scissors are heat resistant, sharp and durable, and turn pizza cutting into an effortless dream. They also feature a heat-resistant spatula for scooping out each slice after portioning it up.
A board that makes things simple
Struggle to cut your pizzas evenly? Not any more! This deep groove pizza board is divided into six slices already, making cutting your pizza evenly a much easier task.
A novelty cutter, because why not?
Or you can slice your pizza in seconds with this brilliant bike-shaped, double-bladed cutter.
A set of drizzling bottles
For the perfect amount of oil on your pizzas, drizzling bottles are a must. Whether you prefer to top yours with garlic, chilli or extra virgin olive oil, these dispensers will do the trick.
These pizza slice serving dishes
These quirky, slice-sized pizza plates are perfect for dishing out to a crowd or when you don't fancy a whole pizza and just want a piece (or two, or three).
A pre-prepared sourdough pizza kit
Love your sourdough pizza but not so keen on making it from scratch? Opt for a sourdough pizza kit instead, which includes everything you need to create delicious artisan pizza bases at home. No shame in this game, just delicious pizza.