George Clooney's New Love: Stacy Keibler, Replaces Elisabetta Canalis, Sarah Larson, Lisa Snowdon, Etc Etc

George Clooney's New Love... And It's A Wrestler

With almost unseemly haste, George Clooney has replaced his longtime girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis with a new love... and this one really could tie him in knots.

The girl currently living her dreams with the attentions of the Oscar-winning actor, the run of his Lake Como villa (from where she messaged last week, "I'm in heaven") and the flock of paparazzi to her door is former wrestler-turned-model Stacy Keibler, previously best known for roles in Samurai Girl and How I Met Your Mother.

The pair are reported to have been friends for years, with one 'insider' telling US Weekly: "At this point they're pretty much exclusive"... (whatever that means in everyman speak).

To mark the occasion of Clooney's transfer of affections, we have compiled a gallery of women who have loved and lost. Keibler had better not start planning her hen night just yet - Clooney has made it increasingly clear over the years that he's not joking when he says he's not for settling down.

His previous girlfriend Canalis made the mistake of speaking out about their love, saying she was "perfectly happy as she was", but looked forward to marriage one day. It was all over within a month.

If Keibler's wise, she'll let her ripped arms and legs do the talking.


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