12/08/2011 08:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

21-Year-Old Receives Womb Transplant In Ground-Breaking Operation

A 21-year-old Turkish woman has received a transplanted womb in a ground-breaking operation.

The seven-hour operation to transplant a uterus from a donor was carried out at Akdeniz University Hospital in the southern Mediterranean province of Antalya.

The operation team, lead by reconstructive surgery department head Ömer Özkan, was successful in transplanting the womb from a donor into 21-year-old patient Derya S.

The womb will later be removed after Derya becomes a miracle mum and gives birth.

At a press conference held after the operation, Özkan said: 'We are very glad to find a cure for her desire to be a mother. We hope that we can see her giving birth.'

Özkan also carried out Turkey's first two-arm transplant.

More time is needed, however, for the operation to be deemed a success - the first 10 days are particularly crucial.

Once the new infant is conceived, drug therapy will be cut off, and the womb will also be removed.

'A womb that has not been subjected to drug therapy was already prepared. That was our greatest advantage," he said.