Cheryl Cole, After X Factor Sacking, Lands Film Role Alongside Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez

Film Starring Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez... Cheryl Cole? Yes, Really?

Cheryl Cole's rollercoaster career continues with reports that she has landed a role in a big-budget Hollywood film, alongside Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez.

The 28-year-old singer suffered transatlantic humiliation in May when she was unceremoniously ditched after just four days from the US version of X Factor, after Simon Cowell's vocal support of her proved insufficient to counter concerns that American audiences wouldn't take to her, or her Northern English accent.

Since then, Cole has been, according to what you read, either trying to make up with her erstwhile husband Ashley, who has once again proved his love rat status by enjoying the company of other women while allegedly courting Cole, or cooped up in her Los Angeles hotel, licking her wounds and working out how to make it to the gym without being photographed.

But, once again it's all changed in Ms Cole's eventful life, with the Daily Mail reporting that she has been given the chance to make her acting debut in a Hollywood film, What To Expect When You're Expecting.

Not only that, but she will take a low blow at her former mentor Mr Cowell by appearing as... a talent show judge.

Ms Cole is expected to shoot her scenes in the US this month, although the film will not be on our screens until next year. We can only guess what else has happened in the singer's eventful life in the meantime.


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