Dead Teenager's Eggs To Be Harvested And Frozen

Dead Teenager's Eggs To Be Harvested And Frozen


The devastated family of a teenager killed in a car crash have been told they can harvest and freeze her eggs.

Seventeen-year-old Chen Aida Ayash died in a hospital in Jerusalem on August 3 after the accident. Her family obtained a court order to allow her eggs to be removed from her body and frozen.

They also asked for the eggs to be fertilised but judges declined the request as they could not prove that the young woman had wanted children.

The ruling is the first of its kind in Israel,and possibly the world, although men have previously had their sperm harvested after their deaths.

The court's decision has raised questions on the ethics of children being born to deceased parents.

Speaking to ABC news, Rosamond Rhodes, director of bioethics education at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York said the big question was whether Miss Ayash would have wanted children this way:

'People can have strong negative feelings about this possibility - it can sound really yucky. And many people would not want others, including their own parents, to raise their biological child,' she said.

What do you think? Can you understand why Chen's family wanted to do this?