22/08/2011 09:52 BST | Updated 22/10/2011 06:12 BST

Celebrity Big Brother Housemate Darryn Lyons Shows Off His Fake Abs

Some men have a right to be proud of their toned stomachs, after all the beer-shunning, tofu-quaffing and pavement-pounding that goes into creating a well-sculpted washboard stomach.

Other men, for example one Mr Paparazzi, aka Darren Lyons, take the short cut to the perfect ab.

It was inevitable he was going to take his top off at some point - after all, Celebrity Big Brother is a live programme and the man has to shower. What was more of a surprise was what lay beneath his customarily garish ensemble.

In preparation for his entry to the microscopic exposure of the Big Brother house, the 46-year-old showbiz paparazzo had undertaken a surgical procedure known as 'contouring' to achieve his rippling abdomen, however, we're assured no tortoises were harmed in this production.

Here’s Lyon in all his fake six-pack glory. It appears the down-to-earth Aussie has more in common with the plastic fantastic women in the house than first we thought.

What do you think, should Lyon be proud of his six pack?