Plastic Surgery

You may know how a face lift works, but a hand lift is an entirely different matter.
The massively popular photo-editing app Facetune is driving a generation of young women to extreme and obsessive lengths to look flawless online.
My nose job means I now fall into a category of what society has decided is pretty. But I wish I had been strong enough to embrace what made me stand out.
We asked twenty-somethings why they're getting lip fillers and Botox, then put the same question to the experts.
In a crackdown on cosmetic surgery ads, brands have been warned not to suggest celebrities had used their products if they hadn’t.
The shame was bad enough without all the physical discomfort that went along with having a vulva with lips large enough that they rubbed against my thighs.
Doctors at St George’s Hospital in London were able to help carpenter Anthony Lelliott regain use of his hand after complicated 17-hour surgery.
The filters and angles we use on Instagram and Snapchat are changing our perceptions of ourselves.
Campaigners said the ad "exploited young women’s insecurities about their bodies”.
A Brazilian plastic surgeon Denis Furtado, known as Dr BumBum, has been charged with homicide, along with his mother, girlfriend, secretary and domestic employee after the death of one of his patients earlier this year. Lilian Calixto died hours after a botched butt lift procedure that Furtado performed in his home.
'Capitalising on our young people’s insecurities for commercial gain is wholly unacceptable.'
A new treatment could leave you bump-free for life in just an hour.
Peels cause injury to your skin, but not in the way you’d think.