Aisha Gaddafi, Ousted Dictator's Daughter, Gives Birth In Algeria

Aisha Gaddafi Gives Birth In Algeria

The daughter of ousted Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi has given birth to a baby girl in Algeria, a day after fleeing across the border, officials there have confirmed.

Aisha Gaddafi, the Colonel's only biological daughter, fled to Algeria on Monday morning with her mother Safiya and two brothers Mohammed and Hannibal.

“Aisha gave birth very early this morning. She had a little girl. Mother and daughter are doing fine,” an Algerian government official said, according to an anonymous official quoted by The Washington Post.

Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC), which is currently acting as an interim government, earlier condemned Algeria for admitting the Gaddafis into the country, claiming that it represented an act of "aggression".

Calling on the Algerian authorities to hand over the dictator's family, the NTC said that the Gaddafi's must face trial.

"Especially for Hannibal, if he fled to Algiers and the Algerian authorities allowed him to do that, we'll consider this as an agressive act against the Libyan people's wish," Mahmoud Shammam, NTC information minister, said.

"We're going to use all the means to get him back and try him, put him in a court and try him. This is our aim. We would give everybody of the Gaddafi family a fair trial and we can guarantee that."

Algeria's envoy to the United Nations has defended the decision to welcome in the Gaddafis on humanitarian grounds.

Aisha Gaddafi is a Western-educated lawyer who worked for the defence in the trial of Saddam Hussein. She has also worked as a UN goodwill ambassador and a military official.

According to cables released by WikiLeaks, Aisha was given the task of monitoring "ne'er-do-wells" in the Gaddafi family.

Gaddafi has been called the "Claudia Schiffer of North Africa" in the Arab press, partly because she has previously dyed her hair blonde.

She is married to and has three children with her cousin, Ahmed al-Gaddafi al-Qahsi, who was a colonel in the army before he was reportedly killed last month after the bombing of the Gaddafi family compound in Tripoli.

Last week the Libyan rebel forces gave media a tour of Aisha's home after it had been captured, releasing photographs including pictures of her swimming pool and her bedroom.

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