Matt Lucas In Stateside Move To Crack America

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Matt Lucas has revealed he's moving to the United States to "make a go of it over there".

The Little Britain writer and actor has already landed a lead role in forthcoming art house film Small Apartments and played a cameo in hit film Bridesmaids, and now he's hoping to crack America like stars Ricky Gervais and Hugh Laurie.

Appearing as a guest on Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders' BBC Radio Two show, he said: "Next is a series of the Matt Lucas Awards which we did a pilot for on BBC One, then I am moving to the United States to try and make a go of it over there."

He went on: "But I'm going to keep my place here and try and split my time. I'll still be walking with my dog in Hyde Park."

Describing Small Apartments, he said: "It's an art house film in America, my first lead. I get beaten up and sexually assaulted so I've told my mum not to watch it because I think it will upset her."

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