little britain

He recently revealed how he and David Walliams would be taking a different approach for their new comedy project.
"That is something we should have done but didn’t do back then."
The comedian announced his exit from the Channel 4 show in December, after three series co-hosting with Noel Fielding.
Official complaints were made after Little Britain returned to iPlayer following a two-year absence.
Changes have apparently been made to the original show to "better reflect the changes in the cultural landscape over the last 20 years".
The British public has been forced to acknowledge the darker, racist side of history. But what happens next? Timi Sotire writes.
British comedies are coming under increased scrutiny for their portrayal of Black people. Little Britain, The Mighty Boosh and Bo’ Selecta! have been removed from streaming services. But this isn't the only trope that comedies in recent decades have used in their portrayal of Black and minority ethnic people. We spoke to comedian and journalist Ava Vidal about these recent events.
The duo – who also performed in blackface in their show Come Fly With Me – posted identical statements on Twitter.
The move follows the streaming giant's decision to pull Little Britain from its service.
The show is no longer available to stream on the BBC iPlayer, BritBox or Netflix.