31/08/2011 10:16 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Court Hears Sex Education Teacher Posed In His Undies For Risque Website

Court hears sex ed posed in his undies for risque website PA

A disciplinary hearing has heard how a sex education teacher led a double life as a male stripper and porn star.

Benedict Garrett, 31, was the head of Personal, Social, Health and Economic education at a secondary school, but also ran a risque website under the name of Johnny Anglais where he posed in his undies and as a fireman.

He was suspended from his teaching job in 2010 when pupils discovered his 'Johnny Anglais' persona.

Garrett has admitted he worked as a hardcore porn actor before becoming a teacher.

A teaching disciplinary panel yesterday charged Mr Garrett with 'undertaking work of a pornographic nature' and 'performing as a stripper in a public place'.

Garrett claims that whilst teaching he instructed youngsters to be 'open-minded, respectful and tolerant.'

It is also alleged that Garrett sent texts, emails and Facebook messages to 'a number of students' between 2008 and 2010, which the disciplinary panel was told came outside of the boundaries of the professional teacher/student relationship.

The panel heard that Mr Garrett also left inappropriate messages on the associate head teacher's answer machine last year.

Mr Garrett represented himself at the hearing in Birmingham, and said it was important to recognise that teachers had private lives. He claimed schools should prepare children for the 'real world' and recalled when a first year pupil asked him what a vibrator was, 'I told them'.

Defending his work as a porn star he said: 'Would I be embarrassed if a parent or student saw me naked in one of my videos? It might put them off having sex if they saw me.'

Mr Garrett said of his contact with pupils: 'I did have contact with some students on Facebook and was given a final warning for it', but added there was no evidence this contact was 'sexual or romantic'. He did however admit it overstepped boundaries.

The tribunal hearing continues.