01/09/2011 11:37 BST | Updated 01/11/2011 05:12 GMT

Mel Gibson Will Pay $750,000 To Ex-Girlfriend

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Mel Gibson will pay 750,000 dollars to his ex-girlfriend and continue to provide housing and financial support for their young daughter to resolve a bitter legal fight that followed sexist, racist rants attributed to the actor.

The settlement disclosed on Wednesday is intended to end the bickering and accusations that have permeated the case handled in mostly secret proceedings for more than a year, Superior Court Judge Peter Lichtman said.

The Hollywood star's payments to Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva are dependent on a lasting truce.


As part of the agreement, their daughter will receive support equal to what the actor-director provides for his other seven children. The former couple will split custody of the girl, who turns two in late October.

In addition, Mel will keep paying for a multimillion house he purchased for Oksana and their daughter. The house will be sold when the girl turns 18 and she will receive the proceeds.

As a result of the settlement, his ex cannot pursue a civil case against the Oscar winner, and both sides were ordered not to speak or write about their relationship or allegations of domestic abuse.

The judge specifically said neither side could release any audio recordings, an apparent reference to the series of rants that were leaked to the celebrity website RadarOnline.com.

In one of the snippets released by the website, she is heard describing how Mel hit her in the face, and she questions his manhood. The response: "You know what, you ... (expletive) deserved it!"

Mel has never publicly discussed the recordings and his attorneys did not refute they were the actor during a May court hearing in which Oksana agreed not to introduce them as evidence in the custody case.

The Braveheart star spoke a handful of times during the hearing, mainly to acknowledge he understood terms of the settlement, saying: "I'd like to say thanks (to the judge) for bringing this matter to a reasonable conclusion".