01/09/2011 16:10 BST | Updated 01/11/2011 05:12 GMT

HTC Titan and Radar Windows 7.5 Phones: Review

The slim and saucy new HTC Titan and Radar Windows 7.5 phones launched tonight in London, in tandem with events across Europe.

The Titan, formed from one slick piece of aluminium, features a massive 4.7-inch display, HTC's largest ever phone screen. The Radar, Titan's smaller sibling in the "Mango" release, launches with a 3.8-inch screen.

HTC fans thronged outside the launch venue, while media fondled the devices inside. The two eventually met. The air amongst those present was palpably positive, with much fuss made over the camera and media features.

Both new phones make navigating your features much easier. Mango navigation works as a scrollable dock instead of hiding in a static screen, which you have to return to in order to perform another task, or activate another feature in the current model. HTC users may have been content with the quirks of the curent system, but this development makes accessing its new wealth of features significantly simpler.

Features that social sharers and picture snappers will enjoy include the fast shooting mode (significantly faster than your reviewer's iPhone) and the panoramic mode. The latter guides you through the panoramic shooting process, so you don't miss a pixel.

These phones pass what I call the mum test, as in, my mum calls and asks should she buy this new Mango series or an iPhone? I want the fictional mum, or grandmum if you're much younger than I, to be able to use her phone easily and enjoy it. So the answer to fictional mum's ficitonal question is: the HTC Mango is for you.

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