New Code To Investigate Incompetent Teachers Launched By Scotland's General Teaching Council

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Incompetent teachers will be dealt with more quickly under new proposals launched by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS).

The profession's governing body has published a new set of rules which lay out how it will investigate and determine the fitness to teach of individuals where it is alleged they have fallen short of the standards of conduct or professional competence.

The Fitness to Teach and Appeals Rules aim to deal with cases fairly and justly while avoiding delays, and include early hearings to determine the severity of cases.

The GTCS has launched a consultation on the proposed changes which will run until October 17.

It is also consulting on two other issues - revisions to the existing Code of Professionalism and Conduct, and on the introduction of a new Student Teacher Code for teachers training to join the profession.

GTCS chief executive Anthony Finn said: "We believe that real value will be gained from inviting members of the teaching profession, the educational community and the public generally to comment on the significant changes that the draft Fitness to Teach and Appeals Rules propose.

"Equally, we want to hear the views of the education community on the updating of the existing Code of Professionalism and Conduct and on the proposed new Student Code.

"These are important documents that offer guidance to teachers and aspiring teachers about expectations of them as professionals working in the classroom, and as teachers living in wider society."