uk education

"We remain a deeply-divided, class-ridden society with a depressingly close alignment between family income and educational attainment."
"That's £100,000 that should be going on children's education," one headteacher pointed out.
There aren't enough teachers of colour in the UK (and it's not for want of applications).
"Adult prison education today is in a chaotic state."
BBC Breakfast host Sally Nugent pointed out that the government is spending just a "third" of the recommended amount back into education.
Williamson was sacked from both Boris Johnson and Theresa May's cabinets.
Nadhim Zahawi said that around 200,000 children are currently off school because of Covid-19.
A 100-page government race plan isn't enough. There's still a lot of work to do.
In the past two weeks, the number of absent pupils in schools more than tripled.
“I’ve gone from graduate hope to depressing reality.”