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"They’ll all be able to count how many hours people have to wait in A&E and just how underfunded the NHS is."
The move means local councils will be able to fund childcare alongside other vital services like schools, GPs and public transport.
"I don’t think there’s a privilege to being white on its own," the minister said.
Visit the Teach in Further Education website to find out more about what subjects you could teach and how to apply.
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It outlined "horror stories" of young people being chased in broad daylight by teenagers waving machetes.
Everything you need to know as university admissions near record levels.
Cleverly said he could remember his results, unlike Gavin Williamson who forgot his.
"We remain a deeply-divided, class-ridden society with a depressingly close alignment between family income and educational attainment."
"That's £100,000 that should be going on children's education," one headteacher pointed out.
There aren't enough teachers of colour in the UK (and it's not for want of applications).