08/09/2011 12:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

How To Get Your Child To Eat More Fruit: Candyfloss Flavoured Grapes Hit The Market


Sainsbury's is to stock a 'candyfloss' flavoured grape to encourage kids to eat more fruit.

The grapes will be trialled at 35 stores, and will cost £3 for a 400g punnet. The supermarket will also be stocking strawberry flavoured grapes in a similar attempt to give fruit a 'fun' edge.

The grapes are grown in America and are of the extremely sweet Lambrusco variety.

The supermarket's buyer for fruit produce, Finbar Cartlidge said the new variety 'should be popular'.

Is this really a good idea though? Fruit is fruit - should we really be trying to tempt our kids to eat sensibly by offering them overly sweet treats - even if they are grapes?
Surely there's something of a mixed message there?

What do you think? Should kids be encouraged to enjoy the tart flavours of some fruit - and let's be fair - most grapes are super sweet and appealing to children anyway - or do you think anything that encourages more fruit and veg consumption is a good thing?