Pamela Anderson: 'I Completely Embarrass My Children'

Pamela Anderson Confirms What We Suspected

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Pamela Anderson has revealed her sons are embarrassed by her.

The former Baywatch star is mother to Brandon, 15, and Dylan, 13 from her marriage to Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee and told Star magazine she embarrasses her boys.

Anderson revealed: "They're completely embarrassed! Not just because of this. Things like the sex tape with their dad, Tommy.

"I guess it makes them stronger kids. It's hard enough being a teen. Kids can be mean, but there's a lot of reasons that they can be proud of their mom and dad, too.

"We have great fun at the house but when I go into their school, they hate it. Tommy and I thought our kids would never be embarrassed by us, we thought we were cool!"

The 44-year-old actress once dated Steve Jones and revealed she called him when she arrived in London for Big Brother.

Anderson said: "Every single time I come to London I call him. I'd love to see him - strictly as friends, of course!

"I called him as soon as I arrived in England but he told me he was in LA! I was like: 'What are you doing there?!' I didn't realise he was hosting X Factor!

"He'll do great - he's gorgeous and very good. The public will love him."


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