pamela anderson

The “Baywatch” star made a statement while attending multiple shows in Paris.
The Baywatch star was celebrated for going fresh-faced at the French fashion event last month.
"This woman showed up and claimed her seat at the table with nothing on her face."
The former Baywatch star ditched her signature style for a barefaced look.
The former Baywatch star said the death of her makeup artist and friend Alexis Vogel changed her outlook on beauty.
The Baywatch star's connection to Ruth goes all the way back to her childhood.
The Queen of Pop's eldest child was joined by Pamela Anderson and Charlie XCX at the fash bash in New York.
The star’s nod to this celebrity comes after a Twitter campaign launched to get her on the show’s upcoming season.
The Baywatch legend was clearly feeling nostalgic as she and her sons celebrated the release of the doc on Netflix.
“It’s embarrassing,” the Baywatch star said of her reason for marrying one of her ex-husbands.