UK iPhone 5: Launch Date Leak

UK iPhone 5: Launch Date Leak

October 21 is the date to mark in your diary after the launch date for the new iPhone 5 was leaked by mobile network o2, according to KnowYourMobile.

KnowYourMobile's source apparently spoke directly with o2 customer service, who confirmed they would have stock of the new phone on that date.

Another leak was revealed on the Vodafone website, claiming that the iPhone 5 will be available in black and white 16gb and 32gb models, as it listed the mobiles supported by Vodafone's Sure Signal reception booster box. The awkward detail has since been removed from Sure Signal's specs.

We have also heard speculation regarding the size of the iPhone 5 screen, rumoured to be around four inches. The only fact that can be confirmed is that Apple fans are obsessed with the tiny details of its imminent arrival.

So pencil October 21 into your diary. No doubt you will look back on it in future years, remembering where you were when that shiny new phone was released.

There are plenty more iPhone 5 rumours on our US Tech site. Which iPhone 5 rumour do you believe?


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