Elliot Morley, Shamed Expenses MP, Freed From Prison After Serving A Quarter Of His Term

Expenses MP Freed After Serving Just A Quarter Of His Sentence

The most senior ex-MP jailed for fiddling their expenses has been released from prison after serving only a fraction of their sentence.

Elliot Morely was freed after serving just a quarter of a 16 month jail term.

The former environment minister was jailed for falsely claiming over £30,000 in expenses. The judge sentencing him said the former MP had "thrown away his good name and good character".

He had pleaded guilty to two offences under the theft act, and was excluded from the Labour party following his imprisonment.

Three other former Labour MPs have been jailed for abusing their expenses, Jim Devine, David Chaytor and Eric Illsley.

Former Labour MP Margaret Moran is currently in court to face charges of fiddling her expenses.

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