Rape victims are waiting more than a year for cases to go to trial, making prosecution targets a 'pipe-dream'.
Family read their victim impact statements to the court as police officer Wayne Couzens faces a life sentence.
Koci Selamaj, 36, will appear before magistrates on Tuesday.
"We must all come together and loudly proclaim that it is unacceptable. Living in fear is unacceptable.”
Blanket powers strengthened despite disproportionate impact on black communities
The former Minneapolis police officer was convicted in April of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.
“It’s been said it only takes one pebble to start an avalanche. In this case it only took one Pebble to start a stampede.”
A 21-year-old man was stabbed to death. Two men have been arrested.
Greater Manchester Police says teenager knocked on the door of a nearby house to ask for help after he was attacked.
The Wales manager also denied a charge of controlling and coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship.
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