Father Of 50 CHILDREN Tells How He Has 'Always Liked Making Love'!



A Brazilian farmer of 90 has told The Sun how he has fathered 50 children with four women!

Retired Luiz Costa de Oliveira has fessed up that he does not know the names of all his children, and that there could even be more he does not know about.

Luiz even had some of his offspring with a set of sisters and their MUM!

The frisky pensioner - who says he 'hardly makes love any more these days' told reporters that 'the thing that God made best in the world was woman.'

Luiz had 17 of his kids with his first wife Francisca. After her death, he had another 17 children with Maria Francisca da Silva, 64. When Maria Francisca's sister Ozelita began helping out with their massive brood, randy Luiz ended up impregnating her. FIFTEEN times. And then Luiz made a move on his mother-in-law, resulting in Francisca Maria - now 89 - having a child by him.

The Sun reports that some of the children died in poverty, but the surviving sons and daughters have provided Luiz with more than 100 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren.

He said: "I could have other children out there that I don't know about because I've always liked making love.

"I don't know all their names. I hardly make love any more these days, even though I'm in good health.

"But I still remember how wonderful it is to be in bed with a woman."

Luiz's second wife Maria Francisca added: "Luiz's only hobby was making love.

"He never mistreated us, he always looked after his children well and we never wanted for anything."


What do you think? Is it only his age which makes this amusing? Or is he as bad as our own breed of 'feckless fathers'?

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