21/09/2011 11:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Scottish Parents Urged To Try For A Ginger Baby - With Sperm Bank Discounts!

Child with ginger hair and tartan hat PA

Yesterday, we broke the news that a Denmark-based sperm bank Cryos has stopped accepting donations from red-headed men after a lack of demand for ginger babies meant they had an excess of sperm from carrot-tops.

But now, amid fears that redheads could die out in the next hundred years, SCOTTISH couples who are considering using a sperm bank have been urged to ask for a GINGER baby!

The Scottish Sun reports that Cryos will offer a discount to wannabe parents who will use ginger sperm.

Cryos director Ole Schou told the paper: "We would be more than happy to supply to people in Scotland who are looking for a child with red hair.

"We currently have too many donors for the first time ever and I know red hair is particularly popular in places like Scotland and Ireland.

"People from Scotland and the UK are choosing to go abroad to find the best donor and it would be great to get more Scots using our services."

Mr Schou said the clinic would be 'open to negotiation' for Scottish customers wanting a red headed baby, saying: "We are always open to negotiation. Scottish clinics could get a discount of five, 10 or 15 per cent."

We are quite speechless!

Does it REALLY matter WHAT colour hair your baby has? Really?