Anti-Wrinkle Pill To Reduce Crows' Feet By 30 Per Cent

Anti-Wrinkle Pill To Reduce Crows’ Feet By 30 Per Cent

An anti-wrinkle pill that can reduce crows’ feet by up to 30 per cent could be on the shelves from next month, say British scientists.

The pill is designed to smooth out wrinkles from the inside by boosting the body’s natural production of collagen, a protein that ‘plumps’ the skin.

Early results from trials on 480 women have shown positive effects on those taking the pill three times a day.

The new anti-ageing breakthrough from Unilever is set to go on sale at 44 spas in Britain, Spain and Canada next month.

If approved, it will be the first treatment to reduce wrinkles from the deeper layers of the skin.

Independent scientists described the early findings as “intriguing” in New Scientist magazine.

The tablets were tested on post-menopausal women from Britain, France and Germany. After 14 weeks of treatment the depth of the crows’ feet were reduced by an average of 10 per cent with a reduction of 30 per cent in the most successful cases.

The capsules contain vitamins C and E and compounds from soya, tomatoes and omega-3 fatty acids to boost collagen levels and improve skin tone.

Do you think we should accept the signs of ageing and grow old gracefully or would you take a pill to banish your wrinkles?