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No Solid Food, Just Breast Milk: But The 'Baby' Is A 6ft 4in Man Weighing 13st Who Lives On ONLY His Wife's Breast Milk

Bonkers for breast milk: New dad living on diet of just expressed breast milk! Getty

When breast milk ice cream hit the market, we thought we'd heard everything. But that story has been well and truly trumped by a new father who is blogging about his diet of just his wife's breast milk.

The blogger, known only as Curtis, has cut out solid food and is just drinking his wife's expressed milk to see what effects it has on his body.

Writing on his blog - alarmingly entitled Don't have a cow, man - the brave, or really quite revolting, dad explains he is a proud father of a nine-month old baby girl, and is drinking only his wife Katie's expressed milk as an experiment:

'I am a first time father of a 9 month old baby girl. Naturally I was curious what breast milk tastes like, as I am sure most people are.


Fresh breast milk is sweeter and a bit more watery than cow milk. The breast milk also helped settle my stomach after having some digestive problems. I prefer the taste of breast milk over cow milk.


'My wife has hundreds of bottles of frozen breast milk in the freezer that our baby will never have a chance to drink before they get too old. Since breast milk is healthy and we have plenty of it, why not just drink it all myself?

'In fact, why not drink only breast milk and see how long I can happily make it with no other food?'

New dad drinking breast milk blog


The American dad is 6ft 4in tall and weighs 13st 3lbs - a big man. He says he needs around 2,000 calories a day, which equal 66 ounces of breast milk.


And what, we're dying to know, does his presumably exhausted wife look like and what must she be eating in order to produce that amount of milk and still feed their own baby?

Explaining his wife is planning on continuing to feed his daughter until she is two, Curtis says although other people might find his experiment 'weird' he doesn't have a problem with it:

'I know how weird this may sound, it is kind of weird to me as well but why not?' I mean cow milk was made for baby cows, why not drink human breast milk that was made for baby humans?'

The blog was actually started by Katie who had stored up dozens of bottles of breast milk when her two older children were born prematurely:


My husband offered to just drink only the milk in an effort to finish it up before we have to move. I liked the idea because then the milk wouldn't go to waste.


'We had no intentions of doing it for attention. A co-worker told us to blog about it and we thought it might be fun to share what my husband is doing.'

We asked breastfeeding specialist, Sharon Trotter from advice service Greatvine and TIPS Limited for her thoughts on Curtis' breast milk guzzling:

'Breastfeeding is the perfect food for a new baby, and is full of nutrients. Obviously it's not ideal for him to cut out other solid foods altogether, but the breast milk, even the amount he's taking in, won't do him any harm.

'It might sound excessive, and to take in 66 oz a day is a lot, but it could actually be quite a good experiment so see the benefits of breast milk to adults if it was done scientifically.

'By feeding on demand alongside expressing, mum Katie will be providing all the milk her baby (and husband!) needs.. She'll be taking in extra calories but losing weight through the feeding, so might end up losing too much which could be the worry.'

We were actually quite speechless when we heard about this.
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