03/10/2011 14:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kids Banned From Putting Hands Up In Class In Favour Of Fonz Thumbs Up


A school has BANNED children from putting their hands up to answer questions or get their teacher's attention and told them they must do a Fonz style thumbs up instead.

The daft ruling has riled some parents whose children attend Burlington Junior School in East Yorkshire and who believethat once the kids move on to secondary the Happy Days inspired gesture will encourage ribbing from their new classmates.

One dad told the Daily Mail that the children will be 'a laughing stock because all the other children will be putting up their hands.'

The school insists the scheme has had a positive and 'calming' effect on the eight-and-nine year olds it had been trialled on, and now plans to roll the no-hands up rule out across the year groups.

Headteacher Cheryle Adams said: 'It seems to be something all the children have accepted. It is to stop the pupils waving arms about, which can be distracting. It has calmed the pupils down. Staff have noticed a positive difference in the amount of people answering questions.
I don't think this approach to answering questions is a big deal. There is also no issue of children at the back of the classroom being missed or ignored.'

The Fonz doing a thumbs-upStaff have placed posters around the classrooms demonstrating how the children should now signal for attention in class. The sign depicts a raised arm with a thick scarlet cross through it next to a student doing a Fonz style thumbs up.

Surely the maddest school rule ever?

What do you think?
Are raised arms in the class room 'distracting'?
Is the Fonz pose the way to go?